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Chateau St. Havel – through the Eyes of Photographer

The neo-Gothic chateau Krč is currently a four-star Chateau St. Havel. I have visited this wedding venue in Prague several times as a wedding photographer, so I will introduce the place to you. One would not believe how quiet and nice this place is, surrounded by the railway and the Southern Link. In fact, this venue is calm oasis with two ponds and it is home for ducks and swans. There is not only a hotel and a golf club, but also a wellness center. The last time I was there, the bride was kidnapped to the spa (czech wedding tradition) and believe it or not, she was not in a hurry to go back :-)

Place nameChateau St. Havel
AddressPred Nadrazim 1/6, 140 00 Prague 4 – Krc
Official websiteOfficial information about marriage
Parkingin front of chateau
Wedding PhotographerWedding Photographer Petr Dolezal
Wedding venue Chateau St. Havel in Prague
Wedding at Chateau St. Havel (Prague district Krč)
Wedding dress in chapel of St. Havel
This time I hung a wedding dress in the window of the chapel of St. Havel (currently no longer serves for church purposes, it can be used as a conference space). Other times I photographed the bride’s dress on the tree branches in the castle garden, there are also good opportunities for nice-looking photos.

Wedding Ceremony at the Chateau St. Havel

Wedding ceremonies at Chateau Saint Havel are held at the following locations:

  • outside in the castle garden
  • in the castle chapel of St. Havel
Wedding ceremony at Chateau St. Havel
This is how wedding ceremonies at Chateau St. Havel look like. In the past, the ceremonies were held on an slightly elevated circular paving, but it is now removed, so the ceremonies are just on the grass. Krč Castle (Hotel St. Havel) standing in the background is definitely interesting for wedding photos.


details of Chateau St. Havel wedding venue
Facade of Chateau St. Havel, fountain in front of the castle and architectural details from the facade.
Bride on stairs of hotel Chateau st. Havel
The bride wanted to create a wedding photo that would make her wedding dress stand out. I took a picture of it in front of the Chateau st. Havel.
Bride in front of a window in Krč chateau - St. Havel
Wedding photography in the interiors of the Krč chateau
Bride and groom on stairs leading to Chateau St Havel
Another wedding at the Chateau St. Havel. This time the groom came to take pictures with the bride.


Black and white portrait of bride in Chateau St. Havel
This time black & white wedding photography. A technically more difficult photo of the bride captured from above (I stood on the stairs of Chateau St. Havel).

Wedding Photography around Chateau St. Havel

You can take a picture of a large group of all wedding guests on the slope next to the pond after the ceremony. I recommend to let the bride and groom stand under a steep slope and photographer can stand above them with the camera.

There is a large garden behind the castle with lots of large trees for photographing the bride and groom, so there is a lot of useful shades under the trees. Next to the chateau there are two ponds named Sýkorka and Zámecký rybník. Part of the area serves as a golf course, and its slopes can also be well used for photography. In front of the castle is a nice staircase, on which the bride’s wedding dress stands out beautifully. Last but not least, I recommend using the hotel interiors. Note, for example, its spiral staircase, large castle windows or the decorative wallpaper of the hotel rooms.

Hotel Chateau St. Havel is located close to the Prague-Krč train station, but it does not disturb by noise its quiet environment. Only one of its tall pillars can be seen from the ceremonial place in the garden, so it is better to take pictures in direction towards the pond and the castle.

details of wedding ceremony decoration in front of Chateau St. Havel
Back of the Krč chateau – Chateau St. Havel and the ceremonial place in its garden. As I mentioned above, the pavement is no longer there.


Wedding reception in Chateau St. Havel
Wedding reception in the outdoor tent at Chateau St. Havel. The tent is white, so it softens and reflects light beautifully, absolutely ideal for photography.


Water bottles of Chateau St. Havel for wedding reception
Bottles with water and the label CHATEAU St. Havel ****

Your Tips and Reviews

Have you ever been to a wedding at Chateau St. Havel? Let me know how you liked it there. Do you have any tips for wedding photos in the area? If you want to write a review, use the comment form below the article.

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