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Břevnov Monastery – through the Eyes of Photographer

As a wedding photographer I have already photographed several wedding ceremonies and receptions in the Břevnov Monastery. The Břevnov Monastery Garden offers many opportunities for interesting photographs: tree alleys, nice willows and ponds.

Place nameBřevnov Monastery (in czech: Břevnovský klášter)
AddressMarketska 1/28, 169 00 Prague 6-Brevnov
Official websiteOfficial information about marriage
Parkingin monastery area – wedding guests can go directly to the church inside of courtyard or they can leave their cars in parking lots in front of monastery
Wedding PhotographerWedding Photographer Petr Dolezal
The eastern facade of the Břevnov Monastery
The eastern facade of the Břevnov Monastery. On the ground floor there is an entrance to Salla Terrena (for wedding parties and receptions), on the 2nd floor you will find the Theresian Hall (for wedding ceremonies or large receptions).

Wedding Ceremony in the Břevnov Monastery

Wedding ceremonies in the Břevnov Monastery take place:

I already know all the places for civil marriages from earlier weddings, most often I come to take pictures in the Theresian Hall. I haven’t taken a picture in church of St. Margaret (sv. Markéta in czech) yet, so hopefully it will come one day too :-)

Theresian Hall

Bride and groom in Theresian Hall - Břevnov Monastery
Wedding in the Břevnov Monastery – Theresian Hall
Theresian Hall in Břevnov Monastery
Theresian Hall of the Břevnov Monastery – south and north walls
Diagram of the direction of light for the wedding ceremony in the Theresian Hall in the Břevnov Monastery
Diagram of the direction of light for the wedding ceremony in the Theresian Hall in the Břevnov Monastery. The windows are on both sides, to the west and east.

The Theresian Hall is 200 square meters big. The windows on both sides are oriented to the west and east. Unfortunately, during the ceremony the groom and the bride are facing the wall, so their faces are in the shadows, while sides of their faces are bright. Therefore, the natural direction of light is not ideal for the photographed couple (but it is not disaster). If you are not against using the flash at wedding ceremonies, you can try to change the situation with the flash. However, the ceiling is too high to reflect the light and a large part of a wall behind you is occupied by a dark picture and a wooden door. However, the lighting of the hall is certainly logical, because if the windows were just in front, the back of the hall would drown in the dark (and the wedding guests in it). If the windows were only on one side, the room would be lit completely unevenly.

The great advantage of the Theresian Hall in the Břevnov Monastery is its big space. The wedding photographer can move behind the guests, left and right, as he wants. The piano stands in position B (see diagram above).

Ceiling of Theresian Hall - Břevnov Monastery
When photographing in the Theresian Hall of the Břevnov Monastery, definitely do not forget the amazing ceiling. It has a fresco with a legend about the miracle of St. Vintir from the first half of the 18th century.

Abbey dining room

Beginning of wedding ceremony in Abbey Dining Room - Břevnov Monastery
Abbey Dining Room – wedding ceremony in Břevnov Monastery. Not every groom walks bravely to a wedding. For example, this groom was forced and literally dragged :-)
Wedding ceremony in Abbey Dining Room
Wedding ceremony – Abbey dining room of the Břevnov Monastery
Wedding in Abbey Dining Room in Břevnov Monastery
Rear view of the wedding in the Abbey Dining Room (Břevnov Monastery)
Diagram of the direction of light for the wedding ceremony in Abbey Dining Room
Diagram of the direction of light for the wedding ceremony in the Opatská dining room of the Břevnov Monastery. For the wedding photographer facing the wedding guests, the light comes from the right, from the windows facing south.

The abbey dining room is about half the size of the Theresian Hall (90 m2) and its windows are oriented to the south cardinal direction.

Pavilion Vojtěška

Pavilion Vojtěška gives the most challenging challenge for a wedding photographer, because it is the smallest venue. The entry of the groom and bride at the beginning of the ceremony is very fast, the photographer has more limited his movement and distance from people. On the other hand, I will not forget the magical feeling when I first came to the Vojtěška pavilion. It was before the wedding ceremony, the pavilion was still empty, but the wedding gate, chairs and flower arrangements were already prepared. It was raining outside, but inside there were electric wall sconces. Classical piano music was playing. In the middle of a rainy day, the pavilion looked very festive, yet as a cozy and safe island. The Vojtěška Pavilion like the Theresian Hall and all other spaces in the Břevnov Monastery complex is definitely a nice place for a wedding and gives a magical experience to all participants.

Pavilion Vojtěška in Břevnov Monastery area
Pavilion Vojtěška – one of the places for wedding ceremonies in the wedding venue of the Břevnov Monastery in Prague

Back side of Pavilion Vojtěška
The back (west) side of the Vojtěška pavilion. Below the pavilion is one of the springs of the Brusnice creek in Prague. The spring is called Vojtěška.

Pavilion Vojteska room decorated for wedding ceremony
The upper hall of the Vojtěška pavilion – ready for the wedding ceremony. The pavilion has a capacity about 50 people.

wedding gate in pavilion Vojteska
More detail on the forehead of the wedding ceremony with the gate.

ceiling of Pavilion Vojteska
Detail of a ceiling painting in the Vojtěška pavilion

flower decoration for wedding in pavilion Vojteska
Flower decoration of the wedding ceremony (pavilion Vojtěška – Břevnov Monastery)

Vojtěška pavilion - wedding decoration
Wedding ceremony decoration – Vojtěška pavilion, Břevnov monastery

Wedding ceremony in the Vojtěška pavilion (Břevnov Monastery)
Wedding ceremony in the Vojtěška pavilion (Břevnov Monastery)

Silhouettes of newlyweds (Vojtěška pavilion)
Silhouettes of newlyweds (Vojtěška pavilion)

Bride and groom during rainy wedding day in pavilion Vojteska
If it’s already raining, let it be properly recorded :-) Wedding in the Vojtěška pavilion – Břevnov Monastery Prague

Wedding Photography in the Area of the Břevnov Monastery

If you are just leaving the wedding ceremony which taken place in Břevnov Monastery, you can take a picture of a group of wedding guests directly in the courtyard from the open window of the monastery on the 1st floor. You will not find a large outdoor staircase in the area.

Břevnov Monastery offers many opportunities for photos of newlyweds. Here are some interesting places I recommend for photography:

  • a large tree on the grass between Markétská and Patočková streets
  • the shores of ponds Markéta I. and Markéta II.
  • large willows on the shore of the pond Markéta II.
  • alley of trees on an unnamed road leading from Patočkova street to the monastery (but it is often full of pedestrians)
  • an alley of trees along a long straight path leading directly to the east side of the monastery
  • Břevnov Monastery Garden:
    • high hedges leading to the Vojtěška pavilion
    • large tree roots on the way from the Vojtěšek pavilion to the orangery
    • brick wall near the orangery

But you will definitely find a lot of other interesting places to take photos in the monastery venue.

bride and groom in corridor of Brevnov Monastery
Wedding photography in the corridors of the Břevnov Monastery
Bride and groom under stairs with red carpet in Brevnov Monastery
The stairs in the Břevnov Monastery are covered by a red carpet.
wedding reception in salla terrena in Brevnov Monastery
Salla Terrena on the ground floor of the Břevnov Monastery. You can use this interesting place both for wedding receptions and for the evening party of the wedding day.

For a wedding reception, you can buy beer in style from the local Břevnov Monastery Brewery of St. Adalbert.

The tower and roof of the church of St. Margaret photographed from the north side through the Benedictine monastery Břevnov
The tower and roof of the church of St. Margaret photographed from the north side through the Benedictine monastery Břevnov


church of the Břevnov Monastery
There are many interesting views and vistas of the church of the Břevnov Monastery.


Have you ever been to a wedding in the monastery in Břevnov? Let me know how you liked it there and if you have any tips for wedding photos in the area.

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