Wedding Photographer — Prague

Are you looking for a wedding photographer from Prague? Hire me.

Prague – Center of Wedding Photography

Prague is my site of action for wedding photo sessions, mainly from two reasons, first one is, that I actually live in Prague and the second one is, that Prague is the biggest venue for weddings. Maybe you think, that such a big city is not suitable for a wedding photo session, but the opposite is true: Prague offers more possibilities for wedding ceremonies than most of other places. It is mainly because of its history, privileged position and size.

The wedding ceremonies can take place at different sites like historic town halls, castles and other architecturally interesting buildings, also in luxury five-star hotels or in romantic natural nooks, which are all over Prague. Simply Prague offers something for everyone and wedding photos can be beautiful from anywhere – if you have experienced wedding photographer. Therefore, if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Prague, approach me – I will immediately tell you why.

Prague — City for Wedding Photographs

I shoot weddings mostly in Prague. Prague is a big city, so it offers many possibilities for wedding places. The bride and groom can prefer historic part of Prague city, but nature locations as well, it can be impossible to say if you are in Prague or in the countryside sometimes. Great wedding photos can be taken everywhere.

Prague is called hundred-spired, but it offers more than hundred towers in fact. There are many churches, but not only religious monumental buildings. For wedding photos we do not have to avoid history, because wedding ceremonies are very often in various castles and town halls, as popular Old Town Hall in Prague is, which merges history with a modern look. Wedding pictures look great from outdoor ceremonies too, in gardens, hotels, parks and so on, wedding or engagement session can be arranged e.g. in vineyards with wine toast. From many of these places great view of Prague panorama is possible, this city background looks very well.

For wedding receptions, the number of possibilities is even greater, because Prague offers numerous hotels and restaurants. Some of them provide modest and cozy feel, others give luxuries above standard. If you want your photos in a unique Prague environment, contact your wedding photographer.

Petr Doležal – Prague Wedding Photographer

I love taking photos at weddings! I am here for people, who really care for the quality of their wedding photos and who do not take documentation of their wedding day as a duty. My goal is not to take as many photos as possible but to tell your original story in an interesting way, depict emotions and mood of your wedding day, unique moments of your life. I do not want to just document the wedding, I want the photos to tell about feelings like tension, happiness and love because such photos will be more precious with time and they will remind you what you and others felt at that time.
Although I am from Prague and I shoot weddings mainly in Prague, it is not a problem to go somewhere else, it is just about the agreement. However, if you are not from Prague you must reckon with the fact that the pre-wedding meeting will be by phone only and also with the price of transport.
What is the most important for me at the wedding photo session? Tension, tears, laughter, hugs and memories. The wedding day is the day of strong emotions, filled with expectations, friendly meetings and goodbyes.

Professionalism of Wedding Photographer

I believe, that my previous work and experiences will guarantee high quality of your photos. I have taken a lot of photos and portraits at many events (I specialize on taking photos of people: weddings, social events and portraits). I have achieved college education in the subjects of theory and history of Fine Art, architecture, drawing, photography and filmmaking. I have succeeded in photographic competitions. I arrive at every wedding photo session well prepared and I try to put a maximum of my experiences, knowledge, and abilities to every photo. I always take cameras, flashes and lenses in multiple, so you do not have to be afraid of complications.

Price of Wedding Photographer

I do not consider myself as a commercial photographer. I do not try to make a fortune from wedding photo sessions and I do not want to rib you off. However, professional wedding equipment is very expensive, usually hundreds of thousands and if I want to keep high quality services it is not possible to take photos at the wedding only for few hundreds. Let alone the time, which is never wasted for me in case of a wedding. So what do I offer more than the normal professional wedding photographer? In addition to my abilities, it is my attitude to wedding photo sessions with remarkable enthusiasm. I think that even the best wedding photographer is not able to make high quality photos if he is concerned only about money. My main motivation is the result – it means original high quality photos and your satisfaction.

Friendly Approach to Wedding Photo Sessions

I also like about wedding photo sessions the amazing possibility of friendly cooperation and establishing contacts with new people. I do not want to be the one, who just gives orders but also not the one, who is paid by the hour or by number of created photos. I have the same goal as you: make your wedding photos as best as possible! Taking photos is highly creative process, which needs relaxation and fun more than stress, orders or useless modesty and restraint. If you let me to publish some of the best photos, it will motivate me more for the best result, because then I could flaunt with them as well as you.

I am Looking Forward to Your Wedding Photos!

It is enough about me and now I will look forward to your story in return, which will take place on your wedding day in Prague or somewhere else. You can find additional information about me on my personal website. In closing, I want to thank my relatives, who support me in photographing and also to those, who gave me the opportunity to take their photos, because they allowed me to pursue what I really enjoy and what fulfills me. I am looking forward to your wedding photo session. Do not hesitate to Reserve me as soon as possible, because you will have higher chance, that at your date I will be still free. We often agree on wedding sessions more than one year in advance!