I am a wedding photographer, retoucher and photography instructor based in Prague, Czech Republic. I have photographed more than 300 weddings. I am a member of The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP).

wedding photography with bride and groom under a tree
I am a wedding photographer from Prague, but I photograph weddings both in nature and in the city.
Wedding photo Prague - Old Provostship
Emotions are the most important thing for me at weddings. But I also like the extraordinary elegance in which we dress to celebrate the union of two lives. (wedding photo: Old Provostship, Prague Castle)
Wedding photography Prague - Vyšehrad
Do you also know that feeling when the whole world looks quite different in the evening, under the rays of the sunset? (Wedding photography at Prague’s Vyšehrad)
Photos - wedding in the golden hour
The sun rays, whether shining through the leaves of the trees or through the historic streets of the city, always bring a magical mood to wedding photos. (Wedding photography in the Old Town of Prague)
Foto svatby ze Zrcadlové kaple Klementina
I like both color and black & white wedding photos. Black & white photos look timeless and artistic. That’s why I always like to supply newlyweds with a couple of wedding photos in black & white. (Wedding photo: Mirror Chapel, Prague)
A bride climbing a hotel staircase
Over the years I’ve been photographing, I’ve learned what brides often want, what are they afraid of, and what they don’t want. At the same time, every bride is different and has different ideas. That is why I emphasize an individual approach. (Wedding photos from Esplanade Hotel Prague)
Bride and groom in the rain under an umbrella in front of the cathedral at Prague Castle
The rain won’t stop us — Prague Castle
the bride and groom embracing, the bride with her veil blowing in the wind, the field and the sun in the background
…but when the sun shines, we won’t be angry :-)
Wedding photo Prague - Vltava embankment
Romantic photo from the bank of the Vltava, several swans on the river, Charles Bridge in the background and the sun shining through the leaves of a tree.
Groom and bride look out over the panorama of Prague rooftops at sunrise, foggy haze over Prague
The bride and groom looking on the panorama of the hundred-spired Prague at sunrise.
wedding photographer Prague
I love her candid heartiness in this photo. The groom lifted the bride up and spun her around a few times. If you look closely, you can see the faces of the bride and the groom filled with happiness :-)
Wedding photo of bride and groom
In my opinion, wedding photos are not created to simply document the wedding day and kitsch. Wedding photos should capture the true closeness of people.
Wedding photography Prague - Prague Castle
Against high majestic cathedrals, we are just small insignificant people… This photo is not a photomontage, this is how magically the sky really got colored during one of the sunsets over St. Vitus in Prague. To be honest, the colors were less colorful originally, I increased saturation to them for a more vivid artistic tone.
Wedding - photo at the castle
Wedding dresses, whether castle-style or completely simple, they always deserve a lot of attention from a wedding photographer. (Wedding photo from Chateau St. Havel, Prague)
Svatební foto Praha - nádvoří Pražského hradu
I like artistic photographs, their precise well-thought-out composition and play with light. (Wedding photos from the courtyard of Prague Castle)
Wedding photo detail of rings
As a wedding photographer, I also like to photograph details. You normally don’t even notice them, but they look very nice when they are shown enlarged in photos. They can be wedding rings, dresses, shoes, flowers, cakes…
Wedding photo detail Prague
I like to photograph wedding details either in a luxurious environment or in nature, with dewy flowers, with autumn leaves, etc.
Wedding photographer church Prague
As a contrast to the wedding details mentioned above, I don’t forget to take pictures of large ensembles as well as a wedding photographer. Not only churches and castle halls, but all the rooms where the wedding ceremony takes place, the reception halls, etc.
Wedding photo from the bride's preparations
The morning photoshoot of the bride’s preparations is not intended to capture an ungroomed bride. It is an introduction to the story of the wedding day, introducing the main characters of the story and setting the mood. (Wedding photo: Karlovy Vary apartment)
Wedding photo Prague - historic street of the city
Pre-wedding photo shoot in Prague at Kampa. Shadows, lights and a trained photographer’s eye can lead to interesting artistic results.
Photo of a wedding in a Scottish style
Wedding photography should not appear rigid. We’ve added movement to this Scottish-style wedding as well, and it’s perfect for this wedding dress. (wedding photo: Červený Újezd Castle)
wedding photographer Prague
Once again the same wedding, but photographed differently. At every wedding I try to create as many different looking photos as possible. Close-up portraits, full figures, from different angles, with different backgrounds, different characteristics of the light… I think the variety of wedding photos is important.
Photo of a wedding with a tree and a pond
Wedding photography in the garden of Pruhonice castle (a short distance from Prague). I like when tree branches nicely frame the main subject of the photo. When you add pond and a floating duck, a pleasant wedding photo like this one can be created.
Wedding photos can be this elegant
Another photo style: fashion. In wedding photos, I like emotions, people’s personality, laughing and tears. But wedding photos should be various, they must not be boring. This photo does not tell anything about the relationship of two people, instead of it shows the bride and groom in an elegant poses, as if they were talented models. (photo: after the wedding ceremony at Veltrusy Castle)
Wedding photo with the bride in front of the window
I’m not too fond of unnatural posing, but sometimes, as in the case of this bride in front of the window, it leads to interesting results. Almost every bride wants to take a photo of her dress from behind, and if it looks something like this, the other ladies will surely envy your photo.
Wedding photography Prague - Cathedral of St. Vitus
If you are looking for original wedding photos where everything is not boringly photographed from the same point of view, we can create something like that together. It’s not a fisheye, I don’t use that lens at weddings because I want the characters in the shot to look natural. But my equipment also includes a very wide-angle lens, which will bring your non-traditional wedding photos to life.
Bride on outdoor stairs, castle in the background, photo taken from low angle
Wedding dresses look especially great on stairs. Here they are further emphasized by how I used a wide angle lens and placed the bride in the dynamic diagonal line of the image. From an artistic point of view, this whole photo is about lines: the staircase, the dress and even the castle building.
Another wedding - photo on the staircase
Artistic wedding photography for those people who like aesthetics and something more than just ordinary wedding photos. You can proudly print this type of photo as a large format wallprint.
Bride posing at a wedding on a spiral staircase from a bird's eye view, looking to the right where the light is coming from
Similar style of photo as the previous one, but this time in color.
Photo of a wedding where the bride wore a white parasol
White parasols are a grateful object for wedding photography. But they are not a necessity, even without all the props you can create nice pictures. In my opinion, you (bride and grom) are the most important and that relationship which connects you.
Photos from the wedding on the bridge
Symmetrically solved wedding photo on the bridge. I would also print this type of photo on my wall as a permanent memory of the wedding.
Wedding photos from the Prague church
A wedding in a church brings with it the advantage of beautiful spaces of real architecture. But every place has its advantages and it doesn’t even have to be anything fancy. I also photographed beautiful wedding ceremonies outside in the orchards, in the forest or on the farms.
Wedding photo - grooms are often photographed with cars
Grooms sometimes enjoy taking photos with their cars more than with their wives :-) But here the groom posed with both at the same time for the wedding photo :-)
Wedding photo with a massive tree
Can you find the bride and groom in this wedding photo? They are standing right under a tree :-) Trees grow for hundreds of years and outlive all of us. This particular tree from the photo has already witnessed many marriages. I wish marriage always would be as long as the life of trees.
wedding portrait photo
During wedding photography session, I don’t forget to create nice portraits of the bride and groom, even close-ups. Not every portrait has to be a sweet romance, there are also couples who prefer a more representative style of photography.
Wedding photo with sparklers
Wedding photography with sparklers is becoming very popular. With sparklers, I have taken photos of various letters, heart symbols or even the fire spirals which you can see in this photo.
Photos from a wedding where it rained
When it rains at a wedding, it doesn’t have to be disaster. I am able to take photos even in the rain, you can hide under a large umbrella or in some gazebo. Here you can see the reflection of the groom’s face in the glass with raindrops falling down on the other side of glass.
Black and white wedding photo
Wedding photography near the dam of the pond in Dolní Počernice in Prague. The flowing veil and dress, the dramatic sky, I love it all.
wedding in autumn leaves
Wading through fallen autumn leaves at Loučeň Castle, Czech Republic. When I saw the colored leaves all around me, I felt like I was in another world. Who would not love fall immediately?
wedding in the rain
Wedding photography can sometimes speak more about the mood and emotions than about the appearance of the people. The newlyweds in this photo hugged each other and bravely faced the rainy and windy weather together. They stood alone, surrounded by darkness and a hundred thousand raindrops, but — they stood together. (You probably won’t see the drops on a mobile phone, but you can see them on a larger display.)
What would wedding photos be without luxury cars
Rolls-Royce, limousines, vintage cars, motorcycles… All of this can make wedding photography more enjoyable for grooms. My style of photography is mild, so I think impatient grooms tolerate it well :-)
Photo from the wedding at the castle
Wedding at Červený Újezd Castle in Prague-West district. The weather was a bit rainy so the clouds looked dramatic. People often want a sunshine in their wedding days, but a cloudy sky is more artistically interesting than a plain color of blue sky in photos.
A wedding photo with a dramatic sky
White overlit sky is boring, I prefer something like that. By the way, notice what a nice non-traditional wedding dress the bride wore.
Emotions of mother of a bride on a wedding photo
Spontaneous embrace of mother and daughter — the bride. Emotions are what I value most in wedding photos. (Wedding photo from Wallenstein gardens in Prague)
Wedding photos can also be taken on grass
Wedding photos of brides sitting or lying in the grass with their dresses spread around them are still popular. The groom also laid down in the grass here :-)
Wedding and silhouette photo
I also like taking pictures of silhouettes, for example against the sky. It’s another way to show something that we can’t normally see with the human eye. Sometimes the tension before a kiss is more interesting than the kiss itself. Do you also feel that the couple in this photo is going to kiss each other in a moment?
Wedding photography in Prague Wallenstein garden
I created this photo in a way that you can see the depth of space. Beginner wedding photographers often only create photos with no foreground or background. The photos are flat, so it is good to give the illusion of depth. (Wedding photo from Wallenstein garden in Prague)
Wedding photo - attaching the bride's veil
Although this strictly geometric composition gives a calm impression, in this case it was not a stylized photograph. It was created in a fraction of a second during the normal movements and activities of the bride’s getting ready process.
Wedding photo - Japanese couple
Love knows no borders of countries or continents. I photographed Europeans, Americans, Asians and Africans. There are Japanese people in this wedding photo.
Wedding photo expressing the union of two people
The hands of the bride and groom in the shape of a heart with the sunset shining through them. For some people it may be kitsch, for others a nice symbol of love.
Wedding photo from a czech steppe
When you look at this photo, how does it make you feel? Is it the same as groom and bride standing at attention in front of the photographer and saying “cheese”?
Wedding photo Prague - Old Town bridge tower in the background
Wedding photography on the Charles Bridge in Prague, with the Old Town Bridge Tower in the background. The low sun shone interestingly through the bride’s veil.
Wedding photo Prague - Vrtbovská garden
Wedding photography in the blossoming Vrtba garden in Prague.
Bride ang groom going down the Old Castle Steps in Prague
Wedding photo — Old castle stairs under Prague castle
Artistic b&w photography, long shutter speed, groom and bride coming to each other in front of portal of St. Vitus cathedral in Prague
Sometimes my photos are successful in competitions. E.g. this photo was awarded in the international wedding photographers competition in 2022.
Silhouettes of the bride and groom, on the background of the silhouettes of the Charles Bridge sculptures
This photo also recently won a prize in the international competition (ISPWP).
Wedding photography Prague - Charles Bridge in the background
Wedding photography from Prague: Vltava bank and Charles Bridge in the background
Wedding photography in Prague - Garden of Troy castle
Groom and bride walking in the Troja Chateau garden, Prague
Groom and bride facing each other, hotel in the background
A beautiful wedding photo does not require any bones-breaking poses.
Wedding photography Prague - Dolní Počernice
Wedding photography Prague — Dolní Počernice
Bride and groom embrace with umbrella and rainbow above their heads
Wedding under the rainbow — Mill on Good Water, Prague 10
Wedding photography Prague Ctěnice
Wedding photography in the Ctěnice chateau park — Prague
Detail of silver wedding rings, blurred glitter around
Detail of wedding rings
Silhouettes of the bride and groom, in the background crescents of the setting sun and blush
The last rays of the sun at the end of the wedding day

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