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60+ Best Prague Wedding Venues

Hello, I am wedding photographer from Prague and I have already visited hundreds of wedding ceremonies in all disctricts of Prague. Are you interested in where is the best venue for a wedding in Prague? Look at my list of popular Prague wedding venues. (Only web pages with english text are mentioned.)

The capital city Prague has a long history and offers a lot of places for weddings and wedding photography. Some fiancés prefer the historical part of the hundred-towered Prague in their photos, others prefer modern Prague buildings or natural parks where you would not even say that you are in big city. Nice wedding photos can be created everywhere with a skilled photographer.

Prague City Halls and Wedding Offices

Wedding Venue Old Town City Hall in Prague
Wedding Venue Old Town City Hall in Prague

Each municipal district of Prague has its own office for wedding ceremonies. It is often the cheapest solution, often for free, but there is some administrative fee for foreigners who are not residents of the Czech Republic. With low price you can’t expect luxury venues, these city halls and rooms are rather for quick formal weddings.

As a wedding photographer I have visited most of these wedding venues in Prague. I also created a list of them (sorry, only in czech language, but photos are more important than text in the page): a list of wedding halls of all Prague city parts. As the most beautiful venues of Prague municipal districts with great demand I can recommend these Prague wedding venues:

Prague Castles, Palaces and Chateaux for Weddings

Wedding Venue Chateaux St. Havel in Prague
Wedding Venue Chateaux St. Havel in Prague

Prague palaces and chateaux are here for people who like elegant style of their wedding. These wedding venues take place in historical buildings. The quality of service is often high as well as their price. Do not take this as a rule for every castle, because some are very small and you can have more luxury wedding in beautiful hotels (see in next chapter). But if you have already bought a princess wedding dress, you need to rent some palace or chateau probably.

Prague Hotels, Restaurants and Villas for Weddings

Wedding Venue Vila Kajetánka in Prague
Wedding Venue Vila Kajetánka in Prague

Service quality of hotels very differs. Some of them are something like cheap family pubs and others are five stars hotels with staff who really cares about happiness of bride, groom and all wedding guests. You must choose carefully. Hotels are combined with restaurants in many cases. Villas can be hotels and restaurants in one building, so a difference between villa, hotel and restaurant is hard to say. Most of these wedding venues in following list offer both meal and accomodation.

Prague Gardens, Parks and Boats for Weddings

Pre Wedding Photo of Vrtba Garden in Prague
Wedding Venue Vrtba Garden in Prague

Prague gardens, parks and boats are here for engaged couples who want to get married in nature. Prague Botanical Garden is the biggest botanical garden in Prague and it offers more than four variantions of wedding ceremonies, every its venue is very different. Vrtba garden is very popular for foreigners, because you can see all the nice typical red roofs of Prague from this wedding venue.

Prague Churches and Chapels for Weddings

Monastery of Břevnov
Wedding Venue Monastery of Břevnov in Prague

There is hundred of chapels and churches in Prague. I chose some venues interesting for engaged couples from abroad, with english information in their websites.

In surroundings of Prague: Farms, Forests and Resorts in Nature for Weddings

Wedding Venue Clay Bastion near Prague
Wedding Venue Clay Bastion near Prague

If you don’t insist on wedding venue directly in Prague, you can choose from plenty of other places around the city. There are some nice castles, but I wanted to offer you some other places: venues in nature, where you have good privacy. So you can rent wedding venue like farm or other similar place. One issue related to it is a lot of these venues is not ready for foreigners, because they aim only for czech weddings. But you can try following venues not far from Prague:

What to say at the end? I hope I helped you just a little bit with choosing of right venue for your wedding day. And if you found the best venue for you, I wish you beautiful wedding!

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