Wedding Photographer

Information About Pre Wedding Photoshoots in Prague

Hello, I am Petr, professional pre wedding and wedding photographer from Prague, born in the Czech republic. As a local Prague photographer I offer photo sessions for couples.

  • All photos are delivered as full-size photos in digital format JPG, sent by cloud service with on-line gallery (click & watch & share) for easy sharing with your friends. The gallery will exist 3 months at least)
  • All delivered photos are edited and retouched.
  • No print included, only digital photos.
  • I do not use watermarks in your photos.
  • No videographer – only photos are created, no movie included.
  • Highly recommended start time of photo session is the sunrise time (except night route)
  • Professional make-up & hairstyle artist is for an additional fee. She will come to your place of stay (hotel or apartment). Process of make-up should start roughly 2-3 hours before sunrise, so we can start taking photos with sunrise.
  • You can order bouquet of flowers. I will manage it for you and I will bring the flowers to our photo session.
  • All visited places in all packages are customizable. They offer the best practice solutions verified by years of my experience, but if you want something to change, just tell me and I will try to adjust it to your needs.
  • We visit Vrtba garden (with great viewpoint above roofs of Prague) only in Gold package, but if you want to add Vrtba garden to bronze or silver package, you must add entrance fee.
  • Usual delivery time of edited photos is 1-4 weeks after the photoshoot. If you are in a hurry with the delivery, you can order high priority process (usually delivered in 3 days).
  • Dress service not included. You can change your clothes during photo session in your place of stay (only with Gold Package) if you want to. If you have white and red dress, the white dress is recommended to the first part of our photo session (usual background are historical dark building), the red dress is recommended to the second part of our photo session (to the gardens).
  • Meeting point for bronze, silver and gold routes is Kanovnicka street (in front of Austrian Embassy and a church of St. Jan Nepomucky). If you have some troubles to find the place, contact me by email, WhatsApp or by phone.
  • Comfort shoes are recommended for ladies, high heels are not good for walking on the historical ground of the city. Usually shoes are not visible under the long dress, so you can have only comfort shoes, or you can change shoes for walking between photo locations.
  • Do not bring any big things with you (bags etc.), if possible. The photo session will be more pleasant for you without it. I can take photos during your walking, naturally. So putting your thing on the ground & lifting them & keeping your eyes on them because of thieves – it is not good. You can put some small things into my bag (as mobile phones, make-up, bottle of water). Water recommended, most of shops are closed in the early morning.
  • The first toilet opens at 7:30 AM at Prague Castle, toilets at underground train station are open at 6:00 AM.
  • There is security check at Prague Castle, do not bring any knives or nuclear weapons with you :-)
  • If you have your photo session in some colder day, don’t underestimate the temperature! I think your face expression of comfort is much more important than your nice short skirt and bare shoulders – better to take some jacket or warmer clothes!
  • Please pay in cash at the end of the photo session. You can pay in EUR (euro, universal european money) or in CZK (czech crowns, home currency of the Czech republic).
  • You don’t have to pay any booking fee. But – please don’t block my time without your serious decision. Book your day after you are finally decided. Thank you!

See my list of top Prague Places for Pre Wedding Photos. I offer “The best of Prague places”. The routes are in the center of Prague. They are the most favourite routes for pre wedding photo sessions and generally for people from abroad. I will guide you in a route proven by my experiences through streets of Prague, where you will see the most famous places of Prague.

Other recommended places

We can change a route for your individual needs. Other recommended places are:

  • beautiful parks of Prague: VysehradPetrinHavlíčkovy sadyLetna
  • the heart of the city: Wenceslav Square with monumental statue of St. Wenceslav on his horse – in front of National Museum.
  • going through typical historical streets of Prague, in Old Town, Lesser Town or in New World (near to Prague Castle)
  • gardens around Prague Castle

Don’t be afraid. Everyone says it. I am professional (pre)wedding photographer, so I work constantly with “normal people” who are not used to act as models. That is why my approach is easy and entertaining. It should be not much about posing, but rather about your good experience, real emotions and fun. Each couple is different and there are also some cultural differences, so my approach is individual and adapting to each couple as much as possible. I already took pictures of wonderful couples from all the world.

In my opinion, warm months Spring to Autumn are recommended. Winter can be nice with snow, but snowing is unpredictable and it is rather cool temperature in winter time. See average temperature in Prague during days:

  • January … -1 °C
  • February … 1 °C
  • March … 4 °C
  • April … 9 °C
  • May … 13 °C
  • June … 16 °C
  • July … 18 °C
  • August … 17 °C
  • September … 14 °C
  • October … 9 °C
  • November … 3 °C
  • December … 0 °C

No days are bad, but I am often busy in typical czech wedding days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday (I am professional wedding photographer). So I recommend days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for cooperation with me.

Recommended time for photo session is early morning, starting with sunrise. It is the only time when center of Prague is not overcrowded by tourists. You can use your jet lag if possible – good way how not to be sleepy. Here you can find time of sunrise in Prague for your day.



Morning time is also good for light quality – the best direction of light is with low sun, so it is time around sunrise or sunset. Morning is much better for taking photos in center of Prague, because this is only time when streets are empty without people, rushing workers and crowds of tourists. An early morning is surely good choice if you prefer perfect photos rather than your sleeping comfort. Especially place around Prague Castle, Charles bridge and Old Town Square is overcrowded very soon. Some people are willing to take photos in the morning, but they fail, usually from these common reasons:

  • tourists often underestimate travel time from hotel to the starting point of photo session, so they come with very significant delay
  • tourists must wait for a breakfast in the hotel, but it is too late often, thousands of people will be in streets in the same time like you
  • tourists hire make-up & hair-style artist, so the process of beauty improvement takes very long time
  • man underestimates long time of self-preparation (make-up, selection of shoes and clothes) of woman (OK, but we face this situation every day, haha)

The morning is better than the evening. Preferred is sunrise. Reasons:

  • Prague viewpoints and famous buildings are rather oriented to the east
  • morning is the only time when center of Prague is not overcrowded by tourists
  • in case of bad weather forecast we can reschedule the photo session to the evening

If it is mild rain, I am able to take pictures even in rainy conditions. Photos can be nice with raindrops, reflections in puddles and with mood of love in rainy day ;-) I recommend to take some umbrellas or I can take one big white umbrella for you. If it is heavy rain, we can discuss how to postpone our photoshoot to later time or to other days. If you are available more than one day for your photo session, maybe I am available too (probably not on Friday, Saturday and Sunday). When you are in Prague more days, book me for the first day of your stay, because then it is easier to postpone the photoshoot.

Night photoshoot can’t be done in any kind of rain, because it is necessary to use flashes and they don’t like water.

If you want to avoid long travelling through the city, choose the center. But it is the most expensive part of course. Public traffic is very cheap in Prague, if you want to use it, choose some place near the underground train station.

I can arrange make-up artist & hair-stylist (in one person) for you. She will come to your room in hotel or apartment. It takes two hours roughly. So it means you must wake up very early (recommended time for start of photo session is around sunrise). You should connect with her before your day, to communicate details directly with her.

You probably need a taxi service (like Uber) to come to the starting point. And to return to your hotel at the end of the session. But you don’t need any car during photo session. Center of Prague is rather small and it is comforable to go by foot. Longer photo sessions include places more far away from the center, so you can use cheap public transport or Uber or other taxi service for it.

Usually several hundred photos are created during the photo session. Some of them are test photos, some of them include your closed eyes or very similar photos to each other. I make a nice selection of the best photographs for you. It is about 1 selected photo per each 2 minutes of photo session (including walking from place to place).

Yes, it is possible to get unedited images in JPG format. I can send you unedited photos for extra 100 EUR. I don’t send original RAW format.

It is unusual thing – but: Yes, it is possible. But it would be only amateur video, I am photographer, not videographer. The resulted video will be unedited. In case of interest just inform me.

Whatever. It can be both formal and informal. Some couples are happy with their casual clothes, some couples bring wedding dress, wedding veil, tuxedo.

If you want to change your clothes, take the more formal clothes as the first one. The first part of photoshoot is more formal, in front of monumental historical buildings of important part of city. Than you can change your clothes to some informal clothes because we will go to the nature, parks and river.

Yes, the price in price-list can be final. However, you can pay for some extra services:

  • traffic (public traffic, taxi – Uber, vintage car, horse)
  • special park entrance (Vrtba garden 60 EUR)
  • make-up & hair-style artist (170 EUR)
  • flower (60 EUR)
  • high priority photos delivery (for quick post-process of your photos – 50 EUR)
  • unedited photos (100 EUR)
  • dress services (400 – 1,000 EUR or more…)

Official currency in the Czech republic is czech crown (CZK). But you can pay in euro currency (EUR) or in czech crowns (CZK).

Definitely yes. Prague is beautiful city with fantastic historical center, you will love it. Prices for local photographer in Prague are generally speaking lower in comparison to other surrounding countries in Europe.

Yes with pleasure, it would be a shame to hide nice photographs. I publish some selected photos for competition, presentation or educational purposes.

If you are not a model or a television moderator, you are not used to stay in front of a camera. Maybe you have never stayed as a model for a professional photographer. As written above, you can take pre wedding photo session as a training before your actual wedding day. You will see approach of a professional wedding photographer, so you will be more confident for your real wedding day and finally you can learn something from your prewedding photos, so you will see which expression or idea you like and you can be inspired by it for the wedding day.

Difference between wedding and pre-wedding photos

Definitely prewedding photo shooting will be somehow different from your wedding photo shooting. Take it into your advantage, because you will have various photos! You can use informal clothes and lay down on a ground, lean against a tree or a wall, you don’t have to be afraid about cleanness of your clothes! You can do actions which are not possible in your wedding day. Enjoy it!

It is not good idea to hide photographer in a bush. Let’s say to your girlfriend you have hired photographer for a photo session, but don’t speak about proposal. She will prepare herself with nice make-up and dress (you know, girls really want to look beautiful in photos). Surprise your girlfriend at the end of the photo session with engagement ring!