Wedding Photographer Petr Dolezal

Wedding Photographer Prague Petr Dolezal

Hi, I am Petr. I am here for you. I am fully responsible for your photos, but it should be fun too.

I am member of ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers), which accepts only the most experienced, talented and professional wedding photographers in the world — only 7 members are in the Czech republic (2020).

Petr Doležal – Wedding Photographer Prague

I am Petr Doležal, professional wedding photographer based in Prague. I specialize in wedding photos, mainly in Prague. My effort is to reveal elegance, human relations and emotions on wedding photos, with creative way. I have achieved college education in the subjects of theory and history of Art, architecture, drawing, photography and filmmaking. I do not take photographs as a necessity or routine work, but as huge passion and therefore I always try to do the maximum for your photos.

My Prague’s Clients

My clients are mainly from Prague, they are people, who really care about the quality of the photos and they are able to distinguish between professional and amateur. I do not accept orders from people, who require heady kitsch, who are not willing to cooperate and who are not able to appreciate my work or who take wedding photographing only as a duty. If I am not able to find the same language and unite efforts for our common goal, such a job would not please me; in addition client would not be satisfied with these photos and probably even I would not. Your interest and enthusiasm for wedding photos play a very important role!

I OFFER FRIENDLY APPROACH – no limit for time of taking photos, no limit for number of photos
UNLIMITED NUMBER OF PHOTOS – you will get a selection of all important photos, you will lose nothing
WE WILL MEET PERSONALY BEFORE WEDDING – if you don’t live in Prague, we can use Skype
PHOTO SESSION IS NOT ANNOYING NEITHER FOR MEN – modern, more pleasant approach
YOU WILL LOOK NATURALLY – photos show emotions, natural face expression without forced smiles
I USE FIRST-CLASS PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT – for the best quality of your wedding pictures
PRINTED PHOTOBOOKS – feel your own photographs in your hands
EASY ACCESS TO PHOTOS AND EASY SHARE – just click on one link in e‑mail

Wedding Photographer Petr Dolezal - Prague
My Wedding Photos (and Me)

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