Wedding Photographer

Price List of Wedding Photography

Please send me the basic information about your wedding and I will respond with a price offer.


Do you know how to take pictures?

I have photographed over 300 weddings, so I know the most common wishes and concerns of engaged couples. I teach other wedding photographers in workshops. My wedding photographs are also successful in international competitions. Even so, I realize that every person is unique, so I will be happy to listen to your wishes so I can do my best for your happiness. More about me here.

What will you photograph for us at our wedding?

Everything. Many details of objects, wedding setting, reportage, groups of wedding guests, portraits (you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do in front of my camera, always you will get easy instructions from me), all congratulating wedding guests, all decorations, reception, lots of candid photos, kids, pets… This way I always capture the complete wedding day from all sides, and therefore clients do not complain that something is missing in their photos.

How many photos will we get?

I usually take 4 to 6 thousand photos in a whole day (I am hardworking), and I’ll choose the best and most interesting ones for you. I’ll deliver you UNLIMITED number of photos, so it just depends on how big your wedding will be and what will happen there. To give you an idea: the number of delivered photos from a full-day wedding is in the hundreds (e.g. for the year 2021, I submitted an average of 700 photos). Roughly 200 photos make the core, but I will add all other interesting photos, especially candid photos. But don’t be fooled, these photos are not just random snaps, on the contrary, they are photos where people are actively doing something, laughing, etc. This is one of the benefits of an experienced wedding photographer compared to an inexperienced one: thanks to experience, it is possible to submit more interesting photos and photos in better quality.
Even from short photo shoots, the result is around 100 images (wedding ceremony, groups, portraits of the bride and groom, a few candid photos).

Do you edit photos?

You will get ALL photos after editing process from me. I go through all the photos several times: firstly culling photos, then straightening the angle and adjusting composition of the photos as needed, then lightness/darkness, contrast, colors and improving them as much as possible. Finally, I open photos again for detailed retouching, during which I mainly correct the skin of the bride and groom, their clothes, color of teeth, wrinkles, performing subtle slimming corrections, etc. I usually do not avoid retouching objects (e.g. wedding rings in close-up), I remove some dirt from the ground, from the walls, etc. After all of my adjustments, if you wish to fine-tune something other on the photos, of course I will be happy to do it for you.

In what form will we get the photos?

I deliver photos in two (or three) ways at the same time (for orders booked from February 2023):

  • Online photo gallery (with full-resolution photos)
    • Easily share all your photos with your friends — just resend them the link, once they click on it, they’ll see the photos right away — quick and easy.
    • You and anyone you share the link with can download the photos and save them to your own disks (either all photos at once or just selected ones).
  • Storyline gallery
    • The best photos that create the core of the story will be presented to you in a special gallery that will ensure that you fully enjoy the most important images.
  • Design of a photo book
    • For those interested in printing a photo book, I will create a complete design for a nice photo book.

How long does it take to deliver photos?

Delivery time depends on my current workload during the year. As one of the few Czech photographers, I work full-time in wedding photography area, so I can devote more time to it than others. It usually takes me 1 to 3 weeks to deliver photos (smaller photo session even in a shorter time). However, if for any reason you are in a hurry with your photos, you can pay me some extra money for a priority process.

Can we see each other before the wedding?

For full day wedding photography, I recommend that we connect before the wedding to communicate important information regarding the events and schedule of your wedding day. To get to know each other, to listen to all your wishes and be able to be the “ideal tailor-made photographer” for you. We can schedule a meeting online (WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype…).

Do you do pre-wedding photography?

You can order a pre-wedding photoshoot, e.g. a few months before the wedding. This leads to better wedding photos usually. Let’s get to know each other better, I’ll see what type of photos you like and what style of photography “fits” you well. You will understand better what to do in front of the camera, what face expression to show, what to do with your hands, feet, etc. You will see the photos before the wedding, so you can learn from them and give me feedback on what you like. You don’t have that much time and energy in your own wedding day usually, that means any training before wedding comes in handy. What’s more, you can use the result photos from pre-wedding photo session as a wedding poster, for a wedding photo board, wedding announcement, etc.